Private Lesson

Private Lesson

NY-Sluggers Baseball Academy offers baseball private lessons to all ages. Private lessons are individualized one-hour sessions with an experienced instructor (WITH REAL COLLEGE, MINOR LEAGUE, AND MAJOR LEAGUE PLAYING EXPERIENCE) who understand how to diagnose flaws and correct them. Now available to those that want to improve their hitting, pitching, fielding, or a combination of these.

Here are the lesson packages to choose from:

Session Package

Package Quantity

Level I - 1 Lesson

$110.00 1hr

 Penn League 10 Lessons

$1,100.00 (Plus 1 Free Lesson)

Single A 20 Lessons

$2,200.00 (Plus 2 Free Lessons)

Level 2 - 1 Lesson w/ Coach Vieja


High A 10 Lessons

$1,250.00 (plus 1 Free Lesson)

Double A 20 Lessons

$2,500.00 (plus 2 Free Lessons)

Level 3-1 Lesson w/ Eladio

$150.00  1 Hr

Triple A-10 Lessons

$1,500.00 (plus 1 Free Lesson)

Big Show-20 Lessons

$3,000.00 (plus 2 Free Lessons)

We can also customize a session package

 If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled time, the lesson will not be rescheduled.

*All packages must be paid for in full. No session by session payment is allowed. Lessons will not be scheduled until payment is received. Any remaining credit from lessons will remain as a credit in your account with NY-Sluggers Baseball Academy.